Hair Integration Systems For Hairloss & Damaged Hair

Mesh & Lace Integration Systems


Hair Integration Systems are unique to each individual's of hair loss. These are bespoke systems that can be applied to small or larger areas, small patches to thinning partings & crowns to full head units. The wearer does require a certain amount of their own hair to attach the Mesh & Lace Systems. These are applied using ones existing hair which is weaved through an elastic durable mesh that is placed over the area & secured with non damaging safe attachments, forming a secure and comfortable foundation. Once the lace closure & wefts are applied, the weight of the hair wefts and panels are evenly distributed, giving the wearer the utmost comfort. One can wash and style as normal and feel confident at all times, even during sporting activities such as swimming,  and vacationing. 

Hair Integration Systems London


Mesh Integration Systems, Hair Toppers and Volumizers hand-crafted to each individual's requirements, to cover varying sized areas of hair-loss, damaged and over-processed hair, hormonal hair loss, female pattern baldness, women's thinning hair, male-to-female (mtf) transgender hair, alopecia, trichotillomania, hair pulling, and excessive use of hair extensions and wigs. 

The hair used at Wigs of London Hair Integration Systems is ethically sourced from around the Globe, personally by Jodie. 

Experiencing hair-loss is a daunting and stressful time, where people need the guidance and support that Jodie gives. She has helped restore an abundance of self confidence in many people's lives with whom she has crafted her skills. 

Jodie  specialises in human Hair that has its  cuticles aligned/cuticle intact: this means all the hair used on all wigs & hair extensions has its cuticles going in the same direction, resulting in no tangling or matting., giving the wearer optimum longevity. The integrity of the hair is key for that flawless finish & durability on all her products. Jodie is an advocate of stress-free, non-damaging, safe innovative techniques & products.  



Tracy Newman : After suffering from Trichotilomania, pulling ones hair out  through stress & anxiety , since a teenager and nearly 40 yrs with the condition, I had a 5 inch circular bald patch for all those years. I reasearched throughly about hair Integration systems and was shocked to find how expensive they were. I inquired at all the Leading hair integration specialists and could not believe the prices they were asking  and never thought I would be able to afford their Systems and the two monthly up-keep. I was disillusioned with the whole idea, until I met jodie at Wigs Of London, who has changed my life with her amazing hair integration System. My hair has grown back four inches in seven months and the bald patch has grown back completely. I highly recommend jodie as she has hair Loss herself and is so knowledgeable with great advice. My Life is back on track and I am dating again which was  such an issue before. I can’t thank her enough 😁

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Ladies Mesh Hair Integration Systems London

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Full Lace Wig Hair Integration System London

For ladies on the go, this System I pioneered to cut down on time in the salon chair. For my clients with busy lives style , transgender hair loss specialist, virgin hair, Brazilian hair, European hair, luxury hair.

Hair Integration Systems For Short Hair Transformation

Do you suffer with Hair Loss? Hair Integration Systems London have many types of Hair Loss Systems to suit all hair loss conditions.

2 Month Update Review Hair Integration System

This is a two month review from my client , after wearing her hair Integration System her hair has grown 2 inches underneath for the first time in 30 yrs as she was hair pulling / suffering with Trichotillomania due to trauma.

Mesh Hair Integration Systems London

7 Month update after Tracey wearing her Mesh Integration System and she’s so pleased with the results!

Hair Integration One Year Update

One Year Update,  on the amazing regrowth of Tracey’s hair, after suffering with Trichotillomania for over 30 years. She had a 5x5 inch bald patch that has regrown whilst wearing her Hair Integration System. We couldn't be more pleased for Tracey!

Hair Integration Systems London

Does Hair Loss affect your day to day life?  At Wigs Of London Hair Integration Services, we offer a full range of bespoke Hair Integration Systems & Bespoke Wig Services.

Hair Integration Systems London

Hair Integration Systems for ladies that suffer from Hair Loss.

Hair Loss Solutions London

igs of London Hair Integration Systems,  specialising in all alternative Hair Loss Systems, using the finest, genuine Brazilian,  Russian/ Slavic, South-East Asian Luxury, Cuticle Intact virgin  hair.  

Hair Integration Systems London

Wigs Of London Hair Integration Specialist  working with hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania, female pattern baldness, hormonal related hair loss, thinning hair, transgender hair loss.

Mesh Hair Integration Systems London

We offer hair loss solutions and support, using premium virgin cuticle aligned hair, personally and ethically sourced from around the globe, giving the client optimum satisfaction with all our hair products at all times.