Wig Stylist & Make Up Artist

Wigs of London was founded by Jodie due to her own hair loss journey over the last 25 years. Her quest was to find the most realistic and comfortable hair replacement systems, Lace wigs, hair extensions  and solutions on the market today. She specialises in human Hair that has its  cuticles aligned/cuticle intact: this means the all the hair used on all wigs & hair extensions has its cuticles going in the same direction, resulting in no tangling or matting. The integrity off the hair is key for that flawless finish & durability on all her products, giving the wearers the utmost confidence at all times. Jodie is an advocate in the field of only stress- free, non-damaging and safe innovative techniques & products.

Experiencing hair-loss is a daunting and stressful time in ones life, where people need the guidance and support that Jodie offers to every individual’s needs. She has helped restore an abundance of self confidence in many people's lives with whom she has crafted her skills.

At the age of 16, Jodie started her career in the hair industry working in a West End salon frequented by A -List celebrities, actors & actresses. She went on to work in the world of fashion, specialising in styling and Make-Up, but always had the hair replacement & wigs close  to her heart due to  watching  her mother lose her hair after cancer treatments. Jodie went on to study the art of wig making and the Mesh integration system, to give back to the the hair-loss community and fulfil her dreams.