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My bio

I have spent many years working in the fashion, hair and make-up industry. And I would like to share my knowledge and expertise to help bring out the inner woman in you.I want to give you the confidence and know-how to achieve every day looks, with your hair, make-up and personal styling. 

I have been involved in the transgender  wigs uk community for over 30 years in London. I have worked in various projects, such as Project Bootcamp at ClinicQ in Dean Street, Soho. I supported and advised clients with hair-loss due to hormone imbalance and poorly-applied hair extensions and ill-fitting wigs. This often causes major hair-loss. We all know how important appearance is in this community and how valuable our hair is to us!

Hair Credentials

I spent many years battling with my own hair-loss. I have tried every brand and method of hair extensions, hair pieces, wigs etc, I finally decided to take it into my own hands. My goal was to provide a better quality of service and products to both the TG community and women. 

I decided to train in bespoke wig-making with music industry's best wigologist Fablux Hair Inc. I also trained in hair integration systems for hair-loss at Weaves & Waves Hair-loss Training Academy. In addition, I also took various Habia-approved hair extension courses.


I was mentored by one of the industry's top make-up artists, Kim Menzies-Foster, who has worked internationally with stars such as Alicia Keys, TLC, Alicia Dixon , Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige.

I am also a published make-up artist, in publications as Pride Magazine and other online magazines. 

Personal Styling

I qualified in Editorial and Personal Styling at the London School of Styling. TG Make Overs London, TG Wigs & Hair Integration Systems  London mtf transformation

Trans Hair Solutions

  • Bespoke full-lace wigs
  • Bespoke lace-front wigs
  • Hair integration systems
  • Hair toppers/ volumizers
  • Hair extensions

Trans Make-overs: Trans Make-up Tutorials

  • Camouflage make-up
  • Colour correction
  • Day-to-night looks
  • Choosing the right make-up for your colouring
  • Contouring  -Feminisation  

Current Deals

  • Contact us for details of our latest deals.

Personal Styling For Male to Female Transitioning

  • 1:1 mtf Personal Styling to ladies in need of a little help to bring out their inner beauty and confidence through fashion. 
  • Dressing according to your body shape.
  • Choosing the right colours and how to wear them accordingly.


 Hi ! Just seen your website , it looks great , just want to thank you for all my hair extensions and hair camouflage when I was suffering from alopecia and serious hair loss due to illness. I really don’t know what I would have done , the fact that I’m a hair and makeup artist makes me quite critical, but I needed have worried as I was in expert hands ! My hair has grown back now as that was in 2013 thanks to you and thank you for giving me my confidence back , I do still however still use some extensions for extra volume and different looks , in which I still rely on you Company to advise me on - and always the best advice . 

Very satisfied client, 

Rebecca Tallon-De Havilland 


I have been going to glitz hair extensions for a few years and I can totally recommend her work. 

My hair was really thin and destroyed from previous bad extensions work... Thanks to her method my hair grew up healthier, thicker and longer as her method is very gentle to hair and does not destroy your own hair. 

I used to spend so much money at hairdresser for keratin extensions and they always ruined my hair. 

Glitz hair extensions uses the best Russian hair ever... U can dye it and wash it as much as you want afterwards and always feels soft and silky and the attachment lasts a long time. 

Jodie herself is a special person that puts her clients at ease and she is really dedicated to her work and an extroverted human. 

I totally suggest her! 

Francesca Pikimiki